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The PUSK, aka ProLiant Setup USB Key is a GPLv2 tool allowing you to capture a hardware configuration of your HP ProLiant server (tested with G7 and Gen8).

For that you just have to boot on the USB key and type "capture" at the boot prompt. Configuration is stored on the key, with the operation logs.

Then you can modify the conf files, or just use the single one we provide for what is really specific in a server (iLO credentials and IP conf), and redeploy that hardware configuration on a new server. For that just boot the new server on the key, and voilà !!

More over to deploy, you don't need a keyboard, mouse, screen attached to the server, so if you are working in a place where your server is just electrically and networkly connected, that sufficient, and at the end the server will shutdown once the hardware configuration is done. Just restart it, and start controlling it remotely from the iLO do perform whatever further installation/customization you need to do.

So this is an easy way to have an operator perform the operation, doesn't need Linux knowledge, nor platform knowledge. He just has to send the logs back to the dev team in case a problem occurs so they can debug.

And more over, thanks to HP, this is all GPLv2 Free Software ;-)

Technical ideas around the PUSK project

  • make it independant from the type of Linux distribution, provided it gives us the right level of feature (RHEL6 has been the base platform for dev, but it'll soon support more distributions)
  • Reuse other Open Source Projects such as rpmbootstrap from and mindi from (in progress)

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